Improving irrational
laws ∙ systems to speed up
the growth rate of MMEs

FOMEK works to improve laws and systems that impede the sustainable growth
of MMEs. By strengthening the communication channel with the government,
National Assembly, interrelated organizations as well as academia and corporate
experts, FOMEK searches for tangible resolutions to solve actual problems that
arise at workplaces.

  • Pursuing rational improvement on legislation
  • Discovering “Stumbling Blocks” and improvement proposal
  • Actions taken towards the National Assembly and government ministries

Empowering global competitiveness
of Middle Market Enterprises

As global professional enterprises, the survival and growth of High Potential
Enterprises in the global market begins with securing competitiveness.
FOMEK strengthens the competency of human resources through education to
improve MMEs’ global competitiveness and effectively supports MMEs’ expansion
into the global market utilizing its wide-spread network of overseas government
ministries and related organizations.

  • Nurturing Core Manpower of MME Academia
  • Expanding global network of MMEs

Supporting innovative management of MMEs

Innovation is not a choice but a necessity. Enterprises must put efforts not only
into understanding the global economic conditions and realizing the values of
economic coevolution by sharing refined technologies but also, fostering general
understanding of the MMEs’ socioeconomic status. As a reliable assistant to
creating innovative management for MMEs, FOMEK will become a strong foothold
through providing various projects for MMEs to takeoff into the future.

  • MME CEO Breakfast Lectures
  • MME Technology Distribution and Innovation Support
  • Innovative Industry Movement
  • PR Support Service of MMEs

Creating a foundation for sustainable and
long-term economic development

The longstanding MMEs provided unwavering support for the steady growth of
the Korean economy and they are the only hope, which will continue the history
and tradition of Korea’s unprecedented economic development.
By discovering and fostering time-honored businesses, FOMEK establishes a
long-term foundation for Korea’s economic growth, supports efficient business
reorganization of MMEs, and helps discover new growth engines.

  • Support for Family Business Succession in MMEs
  • Operating Confirmation System for Distinguished & Longstanding Enterprises
  • Empowerment support for Young CEOs of MMEs
  • Support for M&A of MMEs

Connecting enterprises with youth,
creating a happy livelihood for all

Growth without employment is the end of economic development.
There is no hope when youths cannot find their job career.
FOMEK provides opportunities for sound MMEs to meet excellent talent,
provides mutual support to both enterprises and job seekers to resolve such
issues as job mismatch.

  • Building infrastructures to introduce talents to MMEs
  • Support to expand and root simultaneous work·study system
  • “Hope Connection Project”
high potential